Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Better Dang Charts for The Fast Metabolism Diet

Yes, you can thank me later. I just spent the whole dang morning putting this chart together. Please, OH PLEASE, excuse any mistakes or irregularities with the laylout. I'm not necessarily that amazing at computerish junk. However, you SHOULD be able to click the image and print it out on a full sheet of paper, and then hang it on your fridge.  If you try to use the book, you'll flip back and forth between pages, and get so frustrated that you want to wallow in profanity and bad food.

 Hi, Friends. My name is Michelle, and I just started the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy!   (Fast Metabolism Diet )  After scouring through pages and pages of both good and bad reviews on Amazon (holy crap, some people are idiots...bless their hearts....) I bought the book and started right up! However, even though I'm sure Haylie and her diet have lots of positive attributes, the way that the book is set up is KILLING my brain. I'm already more of a creative person, and my organization is about as efficient as a chicken screwing in a lightbulb.

HOLY NIGHT! Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THE KINDLE EDITION! If you want to buy the book so you can read all of Haylie's encouragement and vaguely  put together charts, BUY THE FLIPPING BOOK! 

      I'm making this blog for myself, mainly so I can actually stick to the 28 days of this diet, and I can have the FORMIDABLE internet to answer to when I'm tempted to fail!  I'll actually track my progress and maybe....just MAYBE even post pictures (and if any weirdos out there have a strange attraction to "semi-nude-hot-stretch-marked" girls, I'm sure their search engine results will bring up this page.)

Day 1: 187.2 pounds
Day 2: 187.0 pounds (in my little notebook, I wrote "whoopty, freaking-doo"
Day 3: 185.8 pounds (wow, I can't tell you how uncomfortable this is making me feel....)

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